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Pay Your Bill


Steese Immediate Care now offers the ability to pay your bill online through AdvancedMD Patient Billing Portal. First-time users will need to create an account using their e-mail address, Facebook, or Google accounts.

Make A Credit Card Payment

1. The account holder logs in to the portal and clicks the "Pay My Bill" icon. 











2. The account holder selects the radio button for the amount they want to pay, including payment plans, or charges outside of payment plans. When they enter another amount in the Other Amount field, the radio button automatically switches to that field.









3. The account holder clicks Make Payment. The Make Payment screen displays.

















4. The account holder enters credit card and billing information and clicks Make Payment. If the payment is successfully submitted, the Payment Confirmation screen displays. 





A payment confirmation email is sent to the account holder with the transaction details for the charge.  
















Payment Details in Patient Portal

Patients can also view their past payments from the Make Payment screen in the patient portal. The Payment History screen details past payment transactions and a receipt download link. The Payment History screen will update after every payment is processed in the office.











Make a Payment with a Payment Plan

If the account holder has a payment plan set up with your office, they can view the following additional options:

Payment Plan Balance - Total balance remaining in their payment plan.

Monthly Payment Plan Amount Amount due monthly.

They can opt to make payments towards their payment plan, or on charges outside of their payment plan.











Messaging Preferences in the Patient portal

We have added a new option, Online Statements, in the Messaging Preferences screen in the Patient Portal. You can also opt out of online statements.



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